Welcome to LuckStar Ibiza®, an online clothing store in Ibiza that offers unique and original fashion.

At LuckStar Ibiza® we create original garments that reflect the free spirit and lifestyle of Ibiza, using quality materials, such as voile cotton or silk, and colors and prints that will transport you to the most beautiful beaches and coves on the island.

In our commitment to fair trade and sustainability, we work cooperatively with a family-owned business in India, producing almost all of our garments from carefully selected recycled fabrics. In this way we support local communities and reduce our environmental impact.

In our workshop in Ibiza we design new models and distribute our garments, in retail and wholesale, through the online store. The majority of our catalog is one size fits all and unisex, designed to fit different styles and body shapes. We offer a wide range of clothing for any occasion, from beachwear to special pieces for celebration moments.

Join the LuckStar community and discover original Ibiza fashion. We will wait for you!